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Intrastat is the system for collecting statistics on the movement of goods, not services, between Member States of the EU. The general concept of intra-EU trade statistics is independent from the ownership of the goods. It concerns only their physical movement. Further guidance contains more detailed information on Intrastat. The latter code is used for export declarations and Intrastat commodity codes declarations (a system for collecting statistics on the trade in goods between EU member states). Why Commodity Codes classification is important. Commodity codes are important in determining how the goods will be treated in the UK, the European Union and third countries. For EU tax reporting purposes, the user supplies this data.

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Continue in English. Intrastat - Außenhandel. 2011-05-24 Intrastat declaration must be submitted in accordance with the declaration schedule of the country concerned. The DEB in France has to be filed every month by the 10th working day.

Reporting of two new variables (voluntary) from EU member states and € 1,000,000 for exports (ICL) to EU member states as of January 1, 2019. The INTRASTAT declaration threshold for 2019 is set forth as follows: Companies that have an obligation for an Intrastat declaration in 2019 will be in-formed by Statistics Netherlands via letter. There will be no change to either the Intrastat arrivals or dispatches exemption thresholds for 2021 for either GB or NI movement of goods.

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- What data must be declared? - About European Union - Legislation : Intrastat methodology: Questionnaire for providers of statistical information: Intrastat declaration: News: Useful links: Contact Intrastat - Buitenlandse handel. Ga verder in het Nederlands . Intrastat - Commerce extérieur.

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Intrastat eu codes

3. Enter a value to Statistical Procedure to update all records with. Specify a code from the INTRASTAT Regime Code UDC table (00/NV).

Intrastat eu codes

The Common Customs Tariff of the European Union applies to goods originating within the European Union, the declaration of exchange of goods (DEB) or Intrastat The Modernised Customs Code (MCC) of the European Union simplifies  sista dagen som Storbritannien var medlem i EU vilket betyder att de som EU-land (ta bort info i fälten EU-kod för land/region, Intrastatkod  of External Temporary Storage Facilities (ETSF), will ensure a smooth transition to the requirements for trading with the EU under Brexit post transition period.
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Intrastat eu codes

In many member states we find strong anti-EU sentiments. 5th Code Camp and Annual meeting of the EFDA Task force in ITM. Import från tredjeland (länder utanför EU) 27. Intrastatredovisning EU–gods (utrikes) . tillämpliga föreskrifter (ADR, RID, IMDG Code, m fl).

The nature of transaction. 1.
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You will then get the self-explanatory text to the CN code. If the number you are looking for has changed, you will be notified about it.